Kenan Dogulu's Possibilities Band

An evening with Tuna Otenel and his friends

A special night organized with Emin Fındıkoğlu’s musical direction and in cooperation with Istanbul Jazz Festival story The receiver of the 15th International Istanbul Jazz Festival’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2008, Tuna Ötenel has contributed immensely to the promotion of the knowledge and appreciation of jazz in Turkey since the 60’s.

The Taste of Istanbul

To Bill Evans: The Story of a Tribute

Kerem Gorsev had the opportunity to work with Alan Broabent for his previous album, Therapy.  They recorded the album with London Philharmonia Orchestra in 2010 and during the recordings, he told him about his plans for “To Bill Evans” and asked him if he would write the large orchestration of Kerem’s compositions.

Jazz in Turkey

Jazz in Turkey the documentary can be summarized as a project in which I explore the condition, evolution and interaction of Turkish jazz music and its musicians, in parallel to Turkish history.


The birth of a reggae band, the way they question their existence, the impression they leave, the respect that they earn and the steps of the fame they are going through are told with all their aspects within Regici.